Lorde Not Keen to Explain Her Lyrics as She Gets Older

The 'Royals' hitmaker would rather keep the real meaning of her songs to herself instead of explaining them to public as she releases new album 'Solar Power'.

AceShowbiz - Lorde doesn't feel the need to explain the lyrics to her "precious" songs now she's older.

The "Royals" hitmaker doesn't like to explain the meaning behind any of her music now, but she insists it's not because she wants it to be "left to interpretation" but more because it's about something "precious" to her and she would rather keep those thoughts and moments to herself.

She said, "As I get older, I find myself saying, 'No actually I'm not gonna explain that song.' Not because I necessarily need it left to interpretation, but because it's about something that's very precious to me."

Lorde, 24, loves writing pop melodies, insisting there's "nothing better" than a good pop track.

Asked what she considers to be "sacred" about pop music, she added in "First We Feast" video, "I love writing a pop melody - there's nothing better. For it to be simple but for it to be secretly complex and trick the brain … you can't fake it; it's a real experience. That feeling of being able to talk to a lot of people and to make something that is kind of high-brow but also can be enjoyed in really simple ways."

Lorde previously described her new album as a "buzzy mix" of S Club 7, TLC, and Fleetwood Mac, revealing it is a blend of folk and "bubblegum pop."

"I really think it's such a good record," she said. "I feel so proud of it so I'm keen to get out there. The sound is sort of '60s/'70s folk with early 2000s bubblegum pop. It's a little bit S Club, a little bit TLC, mixed with like, your classics - Fleetwood Mac. It's quite a buzzy mix."

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