Molly Ringwald Nervous About Showing Her Classic Teen Movies to 'Super Woke' Daughter
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During an appearance on 'The View', the 'Riverdale' actress admits that her 12-year-old twins have never seen her in the 1980s John Hughes films, 'Pretty in Pink' and 'The Breakfast Club'.

AceShowbiz - Molly Ringwald is nervous about rewatching her classic teen movies with her 12-year-old twins, because her daughter is "super woke" and she fears she'll pick the plots apart.

The actress reveals her youngest kids have never seen mum in the 1980s John Hughes films "Pretty in Pink" and "The Breakfast Club", and they're beginning to ask her for a very specific movie night.

But Molly is apprehensive, because the movies are packed with emotion - and she doesn't relish the idea of pressing pause and discussing politically incorrect plot points with her daughter.

"They're asking pretty much daily [to see them]," she tells "The View". "I don't really like watching myself in anything... I remember so much stuff. It's good memories but there's some bad memories in there. I'm just kind of working my way up to it."

"My daughter Adele also happens to be the most woke individual that I think I've ever met, so I know that it's not gonna be easy - she's gonna say, 'Why did this happen? Why did you allow that?' "

"I thought I'd start with 'Pretty in Pink' and then work my way to 'The Breakfast Club' and I know I have to do it soon because they're really at that age... All their friends have seen them [films]."

Molly has three children with husband Panio Gianopoulos, a daughter named Mathilda and fraternal twin named Roman and Adele.

Earlier this year, Molly admitted on the "On with Mario Lopez" podcast that Mathilda has seen some of her films. "My eldest has watched some of my John Hughes films and that was really stressful and I'm getting ready to go through it again with the twins," she spilled.

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