WB Issues Statement on 'The Flash' Set Accident
Warner Bros. Pictures

Production on the Warner Bros./DC movie in Glasgow, Scotland is put on a halt after a camera operator crashes into a Batcycle driven by a Batman body double.

AceShowbiz - Production on "The Flash" movie has been forced to be paused due to an unforeseen circumstance. On Thursday, July 29, a crash occurred during the filming of the superhero movie in Glasgow, Scotland.

Warner Bros. Pictures has since released a statement addressing the incident, saying that a crew member involved in the accident has received immediate medical attention, but was not seriously hurt. "An accident occurred while filming 'The Flash', where thankfully nobody was seriously hurt," said a spokesperson for the studio in a statement to Variety.

The spokesperson went on assuring, "The crew member involved received immediate medical attention as a matter of protocol. We take the well-being of all our employees seriously and have strict health and safety procedures in place on all productions."

According to Glasgow Live, the accident happened as a Batman stunt double was filming a scene on the Batcycle. A camera operator followed on a motorcycle of their own, but the crew member ended up colliding with the Batcycle and sliding underneath the vehicle.

"The camera man on a bike was chasing the Batman motorbike and went under it," said an eyewitness. The crew member was reportedly transported to the hospital via ambulance, while details of the injury were not immediately known.

Prior to the collision, a stunt double was pictured riding the Batcycle and zipping through the cars and buildings of the Scottish metropolis. The stunt double wore a light gray suit and a crash helmet, forgoing the iconic Batman mask with horned ears and the cape, unlike a sequence shot on Tuesday.

"The Flash" movie kicked off production in April after a long development. It was previously filmed in England, before moving the production to Scotland. Ezra Miller returns as Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash, with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprising their roles as Batman reportedly for flashback scenes.

Sasha Calle is cast as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons is tapped to portray Barry's love interest Iris West, while Maribel Verdu and Ron Livingston are billed to star as Barry's mother Nora and father Henry respectively.

"It" director Andy Muschietti serves behind the lens as the film is due out on November 4, 2022.

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