Lizzo Teases Collaboration With Mark Ronson on New Album

When a fan tried to confirm whether she has indeed started work on new music, the 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker shares a video of herself in a recording studio with the super producer.

AceShowbiz - Lizzo is working on a new album with super-producer Mark Ronson. The rapper confirmed the news while playing down reports suggesting she has started work on new music on TikTok.

Responding to a fan's comment about album rumors, Lizzo shared a video of herself in a recording studio on Tuesday, July 27 and quipped, "An album? Absolutely not... I'm not making no f**king album."

She then turned the camera around to reveal Ronson, and added, "I'm not in a studio. This isn't Mark Ronson. This isn't a whole [sound] board. I'm not making a f**king album. Where you get that from?"

Ronson was the brains behind Amy Winehouse's breakthrough album "Back to Black". He has also worked on albums by Duran Duran, Lady GaGa, Lily Allen, and Adele.

Album aside, Lizzo has recently voiced her concern over the rising case of the delta variant. During an Instagram Live session on Monday, July 26, the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker pleaded with her fans to stay 6 feet away from her for her physical and mental health.

"I don't care who you are. You could be the nicest person. You could be vaccinated. You could be quadruple vaccinated. If you see me, please give me 6 feet," the 33-year-old rapper said. "This s**t is coming back. COVID. And people being real sloppy with personal space."

Insisting that she won't hesitant of being slightly rude, Lizzo further warned, "So if y'all see me in the street, come up on me, want to hug, want to shake my hand, want to kiss me on the cheek, don't do it. Don't do it. Cause I ain't trying to catch this motherf**king virus that's coming back."

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