Lorenzo Lamas Makes Kenna Nicole Smith Engagement Facebook Official

Five months after asking his now-fiancee to marry him during their Las Vegas Valentine's Day trip, 'The Bold and the Beautiful' star changes his Facebook relationship status to 'engaged.'

AceShowbiz - Lorenzo Lamas wants everyone to know that he is engaged to be married. Five months after getting down on one knee, the former "The Bold and the Beautiful" star took to his Facebook account to make his betrothal with Kenna Nicole Smith official.

On Saturday, July 24, the 63-year-old actor updated his Facebook relationship status after proposing to his 36-year-old soon-to-be bride Kenna during a pre-Valentine's Day weekend trip to Las Vegas. His post has since been flooded with congratulatory messages from his fans and followers.

"Wish you all the best. Family is everything, nothing else is important. Just love, trust and protect them [love] send you greetings from the wonderful vienna. stay safe and take care," a fan wrote. Another went on to add, "Congratulations Lorenzo! It is so inspiring to see a mature man find his soul mate. So often people think there is a time limit on finding The One."

Shortly after asking his now-fiancee to marry him, Lorenzo said, "Kenna and I met through my Godmother Francesca Daniels last April. I proposed to Kenna on Thursday the 11th of February In Las Vegas. She accepted my Lifetime Valentine's request." The "Grease" actor went on gushing, "The last 10 months with Kenna have been the most romantic months of my life and we have fallen deeply in love."

"It is a love like no other and we look forward to the day we become husband and wife," Lorenzo, who will be married for the sixth time, added. "Sometimes love waits for the stars to align and two soul paths to intersect. We are ecstatic!"

Announcing that he's engaged, Lorenzo took to his Instagram page to share, "Kenna and I got engaged in Vegas last night. I know I know, what the heck was she thinking?!" The "Falcon Crest" alum further stated, "One things for sure, we both feel like we've won the love lottery with each other."

"Since our first embrace, she's held me captive. She fills my heart with feelings I've never felt, dreams I've never had and wishes I've never thought of," he penned. "Kenna Nicole, the love of my life, said she'd take my hand in marriage in order that we spend our lifetime together as one and I couldn't feel more joy in my heart. Love conquers all my friends."

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