Britney Spears' BF Sam Asghari Not Letting Fender Bender Ruin His Day Despite His Fault

In a video posted after the minor accident, the personal trainer informs his followers that no one was injured after he bumped his new Jeep into another car near the pop star's home.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari just had his own case of a bad luck. The personal trainer was involved in a fender bender in Los Angeles on Monday, July 20 and he was to blame for it.

Per TMZ's report, the incident took place about 10 minutes away from Britney's home in Thousand Oaks, CA and involved a woman driving a Saturn. It happened as Sam's Jeep Rubicon struck the other driver's car.

Law enforcement sources told the site there were no injuries and nobody was cited. In a video obtained by the outlet, Sam, who dressed down in a blue sleeveless T-shirt and shorts, talked to cops while the other driver was sitting in her backseat.

Confirming the report, another source told Page Six, "Sam tapped the bumper of the car in front of his Jeep [Rubicon]. No one was injured, and there was minimal to no damage to either car." The source added, "The police only came to fill out a report documenting the accident, but Sam is not in any trouble," noting that "Britney was not with him at the time."

Sam himself has addressed the incident on his social media account. Making use of Instagram Story, the 27-year-old revealed that he only got the car less than two weeks ago. "Literally hasn’t even been two weeks since i’ve had this baby and just got into a car accident," he informed his followers, before admitting he was at fault and confirming no one was injured. "Was it my fault? Yup," he stated.

Staying positive, Sam continued, "When situations like this happen guys, always think of it as if it’s preventing the bigger bad thing from happening. Always think of the positive thing and just enjoy life." He added, "As long as you’re okay and the other person is okay, everything else is fine. You don’t need to ruin your day about it."

The up-and-coming actor later got superstitious, saying that putting an egg underneath your tire and rolling over it backwards prevents bad luck. He then demonstrated how to do it before the video cut out.

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