'The Bachelorette' Recap: Katie Thurston Begs a Man She Eliminates to Stay

A new episode of the ABC show also sees Brendan and Mike being nervous about one-on-one dates since they are the only guys who have yet to be given an intimate time with Katie.

AceShowbiz - Katie Thurston apparently did something that she would regret in a new episode of "The Bachelorette". In the new episode, which aired on Monday, July 19, Brendan and Mike were nervous about one-on-one dates since they were the only two who had yet to be given an intimate time with Katie.

The first card date was for Greg and he was psyched for it. Meanwhile, Blake was jealous as he could not see anyone having the same connection that she has with him. For their date, Greg and Katie played some games and they had some fun together. Greg felt the date made him feel like he was in high school again.

During dinner, Katie told Greg that she was happy despite not doing anything extravagant. She presented him with a rose and Greg said that he was so excited for her to meet his family.

Later, another date card arrived and it was for Justin, Andrew, Blake, Michael A. and Brendan. That meant, Mike would be having a one-on-one date with Katie later. Brendan visited Katie in her room and told her that he was feeling down because he was the only guy without a one-on-one. Katie didn't think it was right to make Brendan wait and the next thing viewers saw was Brendan leaving with his bags.

As for the group date, the guys and Katie were seen painting. Blake painted a black canvas, saying that it was a physical representation of what humans can do on a daily basis. In the Rose Ceremony, Katie gave one of the final roses to Blake with the other one going to Justin. Andrew was eliminated.

Katie then sat down with Andrew, telling him that it was hard for her to say goodbye because he was truly one of a kind. They cried while hugging. The next morning, Katie found Andrew in front of her room. He told her that he didn't like leaving on a not happy note. He gave Katie a letter and told her to read it after he left.

When Katie opened the letter, it said, "If you change your mind, I'll be waiting." Katie quickly ran to chase after Andrew. When she saw him, she ran into his arms and asked him to stay. However, Andrew told him that it was hard because he was hurt. He eventually left after the two bid farewell.

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