'AGT' Recap: Judges Present Golden Buzzer for Young Talented Opera Singer

Meanwhile, a widow from a victim of helicopter crash, which also killed Kobe Bryant back in 2020, impresses the four judges with an emotional performance.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" showed another magical moment for one act in a new episode. In the Tuesday, July 6 episode of the NBC show, a young contestant earned a Golden Buzzer after a stunning performance, sending her to the Live Show automatically.

Joel Claudio, a baton twirler, kicked things off that night. Speaking with the judges, Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel, he said, "This is the stage that gives all these variety acts the chance to show our talent, and I believe this is my time to do it." The judges appeared to have some doubts initially, though they ended up giving Joel a four-judge standing ovation for his "stunning" performance.

Following it up was Madilyn Bailey, who hit the stage to sing an original song. For the song, she used the hateful, awful comments left on her YouTube videos by commenters. Heidi wasn't impressed at first, but eventually joined other judges to give Madilyn a yes vote.

Chapkidz later showed off their dance skills. Sofia really loved their performance, saying, "It was really fun. I loved the music." Meanwhile, Howie praised, "You showed up for an audition like you were already in a semifinal or a final." Unsurprisingly, they were sent to the next round. The next act was a man named Donovan who earned four-yes votes with his operatic voice.

Alex Ostrovskit then took the stage with his magically flying trumpets. Unfortunately, he didn't make to the next round. The next performer was Matt Mauser, whose wife, Christina Mauser, died in the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant and six others. The judges gave Matt yes votes for his emotional performance.

Comedian Cam Bertrand followed it up with an entertaining performance. "I think you're really good, and I think you've got a real future in it," Howie raved. Simon echoed as he added, "The fact that you are out there doing gigs, you have to do that to get really, really good and I respect that." He got four yes votes.

Breez Carver was only 13 but his powerful yet emotional routine stunned the judges. "Breez, that was perfection. You were meant to do this," Sofia told her. "You looked like you were floating, that you were enjoying it. You looked beautiful." She was sent to the next round.

Later, Gigi DeLuxe and her daughter performed a dangerous act in which the mom shot balloons being held by her daughter with a compound bow. Howie didn't think it was enough as he voted no despite Gigi's talent. However, the other judges voted yes, meaning the duo moved on. Also moving on was Guapacharros, a talented group of musicians that impressed the judges.

Concluding the night was 9-year-old Victory. She shocked everyone when she showed off her skills of Italian opera. That night, the judges did something they'd never done before on the show. They all hit the Golden Buzzer for the young girls.

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