'AGT' Recap: Incredible Quick Change Artist Earns Golden Buzzer From Heidi Klum
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In a new episode of the show, singer Jayy pays tribute to her parents who were killed in front of her when their store got robbed through a powerful cover of Freya Ridings' 'Lost Without You'.

AceShowbiz - More acts hit the stage in the Thursday, June 29 episode of "America's Got Talent". The first act to perform before the judges, Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, was a troupe called Positive Impact Movement.

The group was made of body builders who have suffered and overcome major injuries. They did weight lifting that they incorporated into a full acrobatic routine with "Let's Get Physical" playing in the background. "I loved that," Howie commented. Positive Impact Movement got four yes votes and moved on to the next round.

Up next was a dog act named The Empower Pack. They attempted to perform with a "Harry Potter" theme, though things didn't go as planned. While Sofia and Heidi loved it, Simon and Howie were not impressed. The Empower Pack didn't move on. Another dog act then hit the stage. This time, it was Alexandra and her dog Tesla. All judges gave the pair a standing ovation and they earned four enthusiastic yes votes.

Gangstagrass later performed an original tune which everyone loved. Of the group, which hopes to be an inspiration for building bridges between muscial genres and different communities in America, Howie said that they're "the recipie America has been looking for." The group moved to the next round with four yes votes.

The next performers were the Sklar Brothers. The comedians showed off flawless chemistry and delivered funny jokes about raising kids among others. Sofia, Simon and Howie all voted yes Although Heidi initially didn't like them, she eventually voted yes.

Impressing the judges was Lea Kyle. The quick change artist performed an incredible set that saw her changing into dozens of outfits in an incredible speed. "We've seen quick change artists on this show, but I've never seen one better than you," Howie said. Sofia added, "I am so, like, in shock. You were having a great time while you were doing it. It was beautiful."

Heidi was more than impressed as she said, "We've never really had anyone as good as you, so I feel you should go straight to the live shows." The model then slammed the Golden Buzzer for Lea.

Later, Peter Antoniou, a British psychic, showed off a small dollhouse filled with rooms dedicated to each of the judges. He then also flaunted a complex trick involving multiple ring boxes and Sofia's wedding ring. He got four yes votes from the judges. In the episode, outh Korean dance group Dokteuk performed in front of the judges. Howie praised them, "You are absolutely on the money. That is my favorite dance this entire season." Unsurprisingly, they were sent to the next round.

Singer Jayy paid tribute to her parents who were killed in front of her when their store got robbed through a powerful cover of Freya Ridings' "Lost Without You". "To be able to sing a song like that, with that lyric, with all those memories, you know, in your head, I think, is extraordinary," Simon said, adding, "Genuinely extraordinary. It was a beautiful audition. And people like you are the reason why we make this show." Jayy got four yes votes.

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