Moby Opens Up About Separating His Public and Private Personas

In a new interview, the 'Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)' hitmaker details his new life after being sober, admitting that he's spent his time watching cute animal videos online.

AceShowbiz - Moby has built a "wall" between his public and private personas.

The 55-year-old star - whose new album "Reprise" dropped last month (May 2021) - has been sober for 12 years and open about his past experiences with drugs, but now he explained he's living a "banal and boring" life.

"I've had to build a wall between the public figure and the private person," he told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper. "My private persona is of no interest to anyone anyway. It's so unexciting, banal and boring, but that's just who I am."

The "Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)" hitmaker admitted nowadays he's more interested in watching cute animal videos online.

"To my great shame, one of my vices now is scrolling through stupid videos on TikTok," he added. "I have no business doing that. I don't do it that often but, boy, have they designed social media so well in their addictiveness."

Moby suggested he might need to bring back his policy of severely limiting his phone time to stop him falling down the social media black hole.

"I used to keep my phone in a drawer in my bathroom and only look at it five times a day," he said. "I need to get back to that discipline, and stay away from those cute animals."

During the interview, Moby claimed that classical music was "ingrained" in him from an early age. "I grew up surrounded by classical music. My mother was a pianist. My great-grandmother actually taught classical composition to Arthur Fiedler, the legendary conductor. My uncle was a classical flautist. So even though I grew up playing in punk rock bands, classical music was sort of ingrained in me from an early age," so he explained.

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