'Jackass' Director Secures Permanent Restraining Order Against Bam Margera
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Just weeks earlier, Jeff Tremaine won temporary protection from the troubled daredevil after he accused the latter of threatening his children and sending him a series of disturbing messages.

AceShowbiz - "Jackass" director Jeff Tremaine has been granted a permanent restraining order against the franchise's former star Bam Margera.

The filmmaker won temporary protection from the troubled daredevil late last month (May 2021), and now a judge has ordered Margera to stay away from Jeff and his family for the next three years.

Tremaine claims Margera recently threatened his kids, sent him a series of disturbing messages, and told the director and "Jackass" leader Johnny Knoxville to "pencil in there [sic] death certificate", according to legal papers obtained by TMZ.

Margera was fired from the "Jackass (2021)" movie for for alleged substance abuse - in violation of the terms of his contract.

In legal documents, Tremaine accused Margera of threatening violence against him and his family, and offered one note which read, "Look at your children and grab your pocket book and write a check, if you are greedy, and cheap, look at your children again. If you don't sign the paper, look at you children. Sign your stupid f**king contract before your not safe anywhere [sic]."

The filmmaker believes the contract Margera makes reference to appears to be one he drafted himself.

The ruling came months after Margera lashed out at both Tremaine and Knoxville in an Instagram video. "So, my family, 'Jackass', has betrayed me, abandoned me, rejected me. Not all of them, I love all of them and they love me back, but specifically, Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville," he fumed at the time.

"So, I feel like my family has f**king done everything horrible to me, and made me jump through hoops and walk on eggshells, which is impossible," the 41-year-old went on. "And strung me along like a f**king puppet to get the $5 million I usually get when making a movie with them."

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