Rihanna's New Booty-Baring Workout Leggings Leave Fans Baffled

A new workout gear from the Barbadian singer's Savage X Fenty brand, the Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Leggings look like yoga pants but with a booty-baring back.

AceShowbiz - Rihanna isn't one who is shy to show her skin and that's perhaps the idea that inspired the new item from her Savage X Fenty brand. The singer's lingerie brand recently released workout tights that left fans perplexed over their revealing feature.

The Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Leggings look like a pair of normal yoga pants until one sees the backside. The tights have a very plunging backside and replace most of the fabric with a crisscrossing strap instead, exposing the butt crack.

The pants, which retail for $49.95, are described "for the cozy night in." The brand additionally says, "Our Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Legging features sheer soft mesh fabric that provides a comfortable fit and an open strappy back for a playful surprise."

Upon seeing the pants, a TikTok user with the handler @fathermarge demanded an explanation. "Ok, so I was on Fabaletics to see their months outfit because I had a credit to use. Umm… Can someone at Fabletics tell me what this is?" the user said in a video, referencing Kate Hudson's activewear brand. "Things are getting a little bit crazy," the perplexed user added. In the caption, she wrote in all caps, "WE NEED ANSWERS."

Her post has been viewed more than 3.2 million times and has since drawn mixed comments about the pants. "Every day we get further and further from the Lord," one quipped. Another wondered, "How did [the design] get approved?" A third person remarked, "oh my god," while another expressed disbelief as commenting, "this can’t be real."

Some others, however, were more open to accept the new kind of fashion. "It's a vent. It's called fashion sweeties. Look it up," someone explained. Another suggested, "Can we normalize butt cleavage?" adding, "Butt cleav is sexy, butt cleav is amazing. Let's normalize that."

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