Halle Berry Loves It When Rappers Name-Drop Her on Songs

Among rappers who mention the actress on their songs are Kanye West, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar with Kanye name-dropping the 'Catwoman' star on his song titled 'The New Workout Plan'.

AceShowbiz - Halle Berry is no stranger to being referenced in a lot of hip-hop songs. However, the actress alludes in a new tweet that it never makes her feel uncomfortable. In fact, the "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" star feels the opposite.

A fan caught Halle's attention as he wrote on his own Twitter page, "I wonder how Halle Berry feels about being mentioned in damn near every rap song." In response to the question, she said, "I love it!"

Halle Berry loves when rappers mention her on their songs

Halle Berry loves when rappers mention her on their songs.

Among rappers who name-dropped the actress on their songs were Kanye West, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Kanye mentioned Halle on his song titled "The New Workout Plan" on which he raps, "What's scary to me is/ Henny makes girls look like Halle Berry to me/ So excuse me miss, I forgot your name." J. Cole and Kendrick, meanwhile, referenced to the "Catwoman" star on "Higher" and "Money Trees" respectively.

Back in 2018, Rams quarterback Jared Goff used Halle Berry as an audible in the team's match against Seahawks in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. "Hold up. @JaredGoff16 @RamsNFL - What is a 'Halle Berry'??" the actress reacted to the playcall on Twitter.

When asked about the matter, Jared was seen being all giddy as he said, "Wait, hold on, are you serious? She heard it!" He continued, "It's so funny. The thing is, when [coach Sean McVay] called it, I was like, 'It's so quiet right now, this is going to get on TV.' "

While the coach refused to reveal what "Halle Berry" actually meant, he wanted the Oscar-winning actress to know it certainly was meant as a compliment. "She's a very attractive woman that players know," he revealed. "And it's related to the play."

Meanwhile, Halle once was asked to name her favorite rap song name-drop. "I think of these references, like my children, in a way," she replied. "There's no way I could pick one. I love all these artists. I'm always flattered when any one of them include me, and that they still remember me, or even know who I am. So, to pick one would be like picking my daughter over my son. I love them all."

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