Sofia Vergara's Dog Hates Her, Robs the Actress of Her Husband Joe Manganiello

The 'Modern Family' actress moans about her beloved pet dog, claiming that the furry animal prefers snuggling with her hunky husband to spending time with her.

AceShowbiz - Sofia Vergara's pet dog pays no attention to the actress, because the Chihuahua is "obsessed" with her husband Joe Manganiello.

The "Modern Family" star reveals she was the one to adopt little Bubbles, but the pooch shows her no love and instead prefers to snuggle up with Joe.

Appearing on America's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", she moaned, "I don't have a dog, it's not mine. Joe has a dog..."

"The dog was for me, I got it for myself, she arrived and completely ignored me. Went straight to him."

Now Joe and Bubbles are so close, they even cuddle up together in bed - leaving Sofia out in the cold.

"She has taken everything that was mine," the Colombian beauty jokingly complained.

"It's not a laughing thing - it's horrible. She's taken my husband, my bed. They sleep together and I sleep on the other side. It has become something so weird. But I have to say it's not Joe's fault, she's obsessed with him."

Host Ellen tried to put Sofia at ease by insisting it's easy to see why the dog would prefer "Magic Mike" hunk Manganiello, to which the star replied, "Yes, but not to that level. She hates me."

Even when Joe isn't home, Bubbles refuses to spend any time with Sofia.

"If he has to go away for work and she knows she has to stay with me in the house and knows she has to deal with me, (she) won't do eye contact," Sofia explained.

"She's always looking out (the window), every little noise (she thinks it's Joe)... She cannot enjoy the time with me!"

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