Hollywood Con Queen to Get Scripted Series and Docuseries Treatment

The tawdry story of a mystery 'woman' who made a fortune scamming actors for years will be transformed into a show created and written by Will Gluck and Noah Pink.

AceShowbiz - The "Hollywood Con Queen", who made a fortune scamming actors for years, is to be the subject of two new small screen projects.

Last year's "Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen" podcast, one of the hits of the COVID lockdown, told the tawdry story of a mystery "woman," who impersonated a string of top female producers and studio executives, including Sherry Lansing, Amy Pascal and Stacey Snider, and offered performers top parts in fake movies and series.

The scam artist in question asked actors to sign non-disclosure agreements, urging them to keep quiet about what looked like career-changing job offers because they were allegedly coming from highly-regarded career professionals. They were subsequently conned out of thousands of dollars, when they were asked to pay their own way to non-existent sets and also front production costs before cameras rolled.

Deadline editors were the first to start detailing the story in 2018, and their reporting became the basis of the "Hollywood Con Queen" audio series, which was named one of 2020's best podcasts by chiefs at Spotify, Stitcher and Rolling Stone. Eventually, another reporter, The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Johnson, uncovered the shocking truth - that the criminal was actually a 41-year-old man based in Indonesia - Hargobind Tahilramani.

Campside Media officials, who produced the audio winner, unmasked his identity in the final episode of the podcast, and Tahilramani was arrested in Manchester, England in December 2020, six days after the final episode aired.

Now Deadline reports the incredible story has been snapped up by bosses at Entertainment One, Olive Bridge Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment, who are teaming with Campside Media's staff members and Circle of Confusion to develop both a scripted television series, created and written by Will Gluck and Noah Pink, to be directed by Gluck, and an accompanying docu-series.

Further details have not yet been released.

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