Kandi Burruss Appears to Hint at 'RHOA' Exit

The singer also addresses the tension between her and Porsha Williams, who is accused of having sex with male stripper BOLO at Cynthia Bailey's bachelor party, after she appeared to confirm Kenya Moore's accusations.

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss may not be on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" for too long. In a new interview with theJasmineBRAND, the reality TV star talked about her relationship with co-star Porsha Williams and whether or not she should stay on the Bravo show.

When asked if she ever thought that it might be time for her to leave the show, Kandi, wo has bince on "RHOA" since season 2, said, "You just contemplate like I don't know when is your time what do you - you just don't know." She went on saying, "It's not like it's not like a definite answer you know what I mean, It's like I enjoy being a part of the show but it is stressful at times, it is a lot going on you know but I do love the fans I love the support of the fans."

During the interview, Kandi also revealed that she hated filming reunions and that season 9 reunion was the worst for her. For those who need reminder, that was when former "RHOA" cast member Phaedra Parks was exposed to be the one who spread rumors about Kandi and her husband trying to drug and rape Porsha.

"I hate reunions- my stomach be in knots. I don't like coming to sit and argue with people for hours. Typically it's a whole day of arguing, like you know, you're just going to go back and forth with people, revisiting a whole bunch of uncomfortable conversations," Kandi explained. "Some of that stuff [is stuff] that you already called yourself getting over but as soon as you bring it back up, you're arguing about it again."

She also addressed the tension between her and Porsha, whom Kenya Moore accused of having sex with male stripper BOLO at Cynthia Bailey's bachelor party, after she appeared to confirm Kenya's accusations. "It's like every time something happened like I don't really know what's gonna go on," the Xscape singer shared.

"So like say for instance, you know everything would be cool," Kandi added. "Then the episode that aired when I said to Don Juan, 'Well I wouldn't say that Kenya is lying' - Right after that [episode] she opted out of the group text that all of the housewives were in. So I was like, 'Oh I guess she ain't talking to us no more.' "

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