Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Reunite in New Teaser of 'KUWTK'
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The two famous friends meet to discuss the campaign for SKIMS brand velour tracksuits before they recall the time when Kim desperately wanted to be on a magazine cover.

AceShowbiz - "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has unveiled a new teaser for an upcoming episode of its final season. In the new clip, which was released on Thursday, April 22, fans are teased with a fun cameo by Kim's BFF Paris Hilton.

The two famous friends reunite as they meet to discuss the campaign for Kim's SKIMS brand velour tracksuits. That is when they are throwing back to the time when Kim desperately wanted to be on a magazine cover.

"Hi! How are you?" Kim greets the hotel heiress who looks gorgeous in a leopard-patterned outfit. "I texted you earlier, I think I have the wrong number," Kim adds, before Paris coyly responds, "I have like five phones, so it might be one of those."

Talking about doing the SKIMS velour tracks photoshoot with Paris, Kim, who used to Paris' partying sidekick, says, "The TikTok campaign wasn't really authentic to me, but then I thought, OMG, me, Paris, like that is everything."

The two then look at some old photos of Kim back in the day as they look for some inspiration for the throwback campaign. They later find a picture of Kim posing in a pink babydoll dress against a white Range Rover back in 2007. "Is that for Complex?" Paris asks, to which Kim replies, "It was either Complex or Dub magazine. It was like the only cover I could get at the time."

Recalling that time, Kim continues, "I remember I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine so badly that there was a dog magazine, and I hated dogs. I didn't even have a dog, they were like, 'Would you be on the cover?' and I was like, 'Whose dog can I borrow?' " The estranged wife of Kanye West revealed that she eventually borrowed Nicole Richie's puppy for the gig.

Being one of the world's most famous women today, Kim easily landed gigs for magazine covers. She was on two highly coveted American Vogue covers, the first one was in 2014 featuring her and Kanye. Later in May 2019, she graced the cover solo. She was also featured in the cover of Forbes magazine.

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