NLE Choppa Arrested for Burglary After Caught Breaking Into Tow Yard

The 'Camelot' rapper is also charged with gun and drug possession after he and two other men jumped over the fence of the property to search for a watch in a towed car.

AceShowbiz - NLE Choppa has been spending time behind bars after a burglary attempt. The rapper has been arrested after he was caught breaking into a tow yard in Florida on Sunday, March 28, an affidavit from Broward County reveals.

According to the affidavit, a dispatcher, who worked at the tow yard, watched on a live feed as two cars pulled up to the unoccupied structure. The officer witnessed as two men wearing black masks jumped over the fence and searched the property.

When officers arrived, Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, and the other two men, Zyrion Matlock and Thony Coleman, were still sitting in their car in the parking lot of the business. To the officers, the Memphis rapper admitted he broke into the property to retrieve a watch from a car that was towed during an unrelated incident.

Authorities, however, later disclosed that the car in question was not at that particular tow yard. As the three men exited the car, officers also found some firearms, a Glock 27 and an AK-47 Draco pistol, that Choppa and his friends were trying to hide by sitting on them. None of them admitted to ownership of the guns.

Police also found a purple and yellow backpack that had seven grams of marijuana and three and a half Xanax pills inside. Choppa admitted the bag was his. He was subsequently charged with burglary, possession of a firearm without permit, possession of Xanax and possession of marijuana under 20 grams. His mugshot has also surfaced online, showing him flashing his diamond grills while sporting black and pink braids.

It's not clear if Choppa has been released as of press time. As noted by TheJasmineBrand, the bond for the concealed firearm charge is $1,000, $100 for the possession of cannabis, and $1,000 for possession of Xanax. A trial for the case is still pending.

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