George Clooney Raves Over Young 'Midnight Sky' Co-Star: She Puts to Shame Lot of Grown Actors

Aside from praising newcomer Caoilinn Springall, the Oscar winner reveals that he drew inspiration from Jackie Gleason's 'Gigot' when preparing for his desperate scientist role.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney is raving about young newcomer Caoilinn Springall, revealing she taught him a thing or two about acting on the set of his upcoming Netflix film "The Midnight Sky".

The Oscar winner has worked with kids in the past but his latest co-star really pulled the best performance out of the actor/director as he portrays a lonely Arctic scientist in the post-apocalyptic film.

"She's never acted before, I mean that's just crazy to me," Clooney tells Deadline. "So here's this little girl, she shows up. And actors, kid actors in particular, but most actors, they kind of plan out how they're going to do a scene. But she would just be in the scene and when we're looking up at Polaris, and we're sitting in those chairs, she doesn't just kind of react like she knows she's supposed to."

"When I say, 'Look up at Polaris', she looks up, and then she looks at me. She really takes it in and it gives us the ability to keep those moments really full. She puts to shame a lot of grown actors, including myself, who had to prepare for a scene."

Meanwhile, Clooney reveals he was really inspired by Jackie Gleason movie "Gigot" as he prepared to play the desperate scientist in "The Midnight Sky".

"I remember seeing it (Gigot) as a kid," he recalls. "It may be a terrible movie, I don’t remember. It was with Jackie Gleason... and he played a hobo - a kind of guy who couldn't speak. With a little girl, and the mother I think was a hooker or something. I remember being really moved by that character because he couldn't communicate very well."

"Whether or not that movie works, I don't remember at all. I just remember as a kid seeing it and being affected by it and thinking there's something about this inability to communicate and having to communicate with silences. So we had beautiful moments like that, with this little girl I found."

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