Jane Fonda Hopes to Inspire More Elderly People to Join Climate Change Campaign

The 'Barbarella' actress wants to show that it's never too old to become an activist as she talks about her weekly campaign to advocate for action on environmental change.

AceShowbiz - Jane Fonda hopes her climate change activism will inspire more elderly people to get out and campaign for change.

The star has been a longtime climate change activist and, most recently, she's been hosting Fire Drill Fridays - which get people involved in advocating for environmental change.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar U.K., the "Grace and Frankie" star spoke about the motive behind the movement, revealing, "Every week we focused on a different aspect of the climate crisis and then we engaged in civil disobedience and risked getting arrested."

"After two months we realised it was catching on and we tapped into something that was important," she shared. "I wanted to show that old folks could be involved as well. I knew that people would say, well my god, she's 82. If she can do it, why can't I get out there? And it worked."

The 82-year-old star candidly confessed her fear for the future and her children, amid the climate crisis, and insisted she will focus on addressing climate change until the end of her life because that is the thing that "affects everything else."

"The importance of voting is to get candidates in office who are brave enough to stand up and do what's right. The damage done to our democracy institutionally is beyond words," she explained.

"I've been involved in a lot of issues in the past. I'm a woman so I care about women's issues, but right now and until I die the issue will be the climate because it affects everything else."

The "Barbarella" actress added, "My concern is, is there going to be a future? I have kids and grandkids and I think, when they grow up are they going to be engaged?"

"Are they going to be able to breathe? Will the children have a future to be politically active in? That's all that matters," she mused. "I don't have much of a future left, older people don't have much of a future. Kids have their whole lives in front of them - and they see what we've done to their futures and they're righteously angry."

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