The music video, which features cameo appearances from Desi Banks among others, finds the Quality Control labelmates delivering their lines from the first class section.

AceShowbiz - All aboard the City Girls airline! On Wednesday, October 28, the hip-hop duo released the music video for their Lil Baby collaboration "Flewed Out" in which the Quality Control labelmates are taking to the friendly skies.

Featuring cameo appearances from the likes of Desi Banks among others, the visuals starts off with the passengers getting through security checks before the scene changes to show the collaborators delivering their lines from the first class section. More amenities on the airline includes champagne, a compact concert hall and a stripper pole.

"Multiple Birkins like they don't cost s**t (Cost s**t)/ Suckin' him dead, he in the coffin/ P***y tsunami, Miami Dolphin (Haha)," Yung Miami raps while performing her moves on the stripper pole, while JT spits her bars in the cockpit, "Everybody wanna be relationship goals (Yeah)/ How they trick sis, we ain't savin' these h**s (Uh-huh)."

"Flewed Out" is included on City Girls' latest album "City on Lock" that hit the stores on June 20 following its leak a day prior. Talking about the leak in an interview with Variety, JT admitted she was in panic mode because of that. "It was something I've never felt before. It was a feeling like, 'My career's over.' I was real sad that day," she said. "I was talking on the phone to different artists who've been in it a little longer than us, and they were like, 'It happens -- it doesn't mean it's the end.' "

Due to the leak, they were forced to release the album as soon as possible. "But everybody at the label and everybody who works around us were saying that it was a perfect time: We were gone so long, we've got to get the people back in tune with us," JT explained. "We were supposed to drop the docuseries first, then we're going to cover the single. But it all got ruined when someone leaked [the album], we had to put it out the same day."

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