'The Umbrella Academy' Stars Keen to Be Transported Back to the '80s for Season 3

Tom Hopper and Robert Sheehan, who portray Luther and Klaus on the Netflix series, open up about their own ideas for future installments after season 2 is made available for viewing.

AceShowbiz - Tom Hopper and Robert Sheehan are keen to revisit the 1980s on season three of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy".

The two actors, who star as Luther and Klaus on the show - an adaptation of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's graphic novel - spoke with GamesRadar about the future of the series.

Sharing their own ideas for future instalments, Tom remarked, "You're always talking about future seasons... You know, from season one, you're always talking about where the show could go. I'd like to do the Eighties, actually."

Meanwhile, Robert added he's keen to see the family getting transported back to "Medieval times" and, of course, the 1980s.

"What if they went back to the day they were all born? Something in 1987," Robert shared. "You know, the whole 20th century was contentious. I'm always hatching pipe dreams. Sending an email to Steve (Blackman, showrunner). That's the fun part."

Tom continued, "I think there's an element of assuming that the story continues until you're told that it's not going to continue. You're always keeping it alive in your head as an actor because you don't like to kill off a character until it's kind of done. You're always seeing where they could go or what could happen."

"The Umbrella Academy" season two is available on Netflix now.

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