Gillian Anderson: 'Sex Education' Makes It Okay to Be Who You Are

Thrilled to be part of the hit Netflix series, the actress playing sex therapist Jean Milburn expresses her appreciation over its diverse cast and discussions of sensitive and taboo subject matters.

AceShowbiz - Gillian Anderson is thrilled to be part of a series like "Sex Education" that allows those "questioning their sexuality" to express themselves.

The actress, who plays a sex therapist on the hit Netflix program, was drawn to the show because of the boundaries it pushes when it comes to tackling sensitive and taboo subject matters.

"It makes it okay to be who you are, however you are," she tells Deadline. "The fact that kids who are questioning their sexuality, or have other questions they're curious about, can watch it, often with their parents, is beautiful."

The 51-year-old adds that the diverse cast on the show has also resonated with viewers, which took her some time to appreciate.

"I'm not even sure I realized the extent to which it does that until after I'd seen it," she admits. "You can read so much on a page, and then the minute you start seeing all of the fabulously diverse faces, and really commit to all the different storylines and the diverse dilemmas, you realize how unique and embracing the show actually is."

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