'Sex Education' Season 4 Criticizes Biphobia With Adam's Storyline

Following its fourth and final season premiere, the hit Netflix series receives praises with one highlighted story, which came in time with Bisexual Awareness Week.

AceShowbiz - "Sex Education" returned for its fourth and final season on Thursday, September 21. The hit Netflix series received praises with one highlighted story, which came in time with Bisexual Awareness Week.

In season 4, Connor Swindells' character Adam Groff became one of the standouts with his arc following his split from Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) at the end of season 3. In the new season, the exes, who are in their journey of self-love and acceptance, reunited at Maeve's (Emma Mackey) mom's funeral.

Adam told Eric that he had come out to his parents, admitting that he was still "finding it really hard to be fully out" and referencing the "shame" that he was still battling. Adam found comfort in Eric even though they were no longer in a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, viewers could see the chemistry between Adam and Jem (Bella Maclean). Instead of dismissing bisexual and pansexual people by pushing the narrative that it was "just a phase," the show celebrated queerness with Adam's storyline.

When Jem first asked about Adam's previous relationship, she made the predictable assumption that he would have had an ex-girlfriend. Adam initially chose not to correct her, though he changed his mind a few days later. "My ex is called Eric," he told Jem. "I'm attracted to men and women."

He stressed that his identity as a bisexual man was "not a phase," adding, "that's just who I am." Adam further noted, "And I haven't always liked that about myself, but I want to. And anyway, I just wanted you to know." In response, Jem simply asked him out on a date.

"Adam is the best character on #SexEducation," one fan wrote. Another fan, meanwhile, couldn't accept that the series is ending, writing, "#sexeducation Just finished the finale. Very Beautiful. But I can't leave Adam, Cal, Eric, Maeve, Aimee, and Isaac behind like that. I NEED MORE OF THEM."

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