Rick Riordan admits to have not seen the big screen adaptations of his book series after being so turned off by the scripts when a fan expressed admiration that he dislikes the movies more than fans.

AceShowbiz - The author of the "Percy Jackson" book series is hoping his new Disney+ series will correct errors in the movie adaptations he has never seen.

Rick Riordan admits he's not a fan of the film franchise and was so turned off by the scripts he vowed never to watch the movies, starring Logan Lerman.

When a fan tweeted it's "refreshing" that the author dislikes the movies more than fans over the weekend, he responded, "Well, to you guys, it's a couple hours entertainment. To me, it's my life's work going through a meat grinder when I pleaded with them not to do it. So yeah. But it's fine. All fine. We're gonna fix it soon..."

'Percy Jackson' Author Vows to Fix Movie Errors Through New Disney+ Series
'Percy Jackson' author vows to fix movie errors through new Disney+ series.

"Finally, I still have not seen the movies, and don't plan on ever doing so. I judge them from having read the scripts, because I care most about the story. I certainly have nothing against the very talented actors. Not their fault. I'm just sorry they got dragged into that mess."

'Percy Jackson' Author Vows to Fix Movie Errors Through New Disney+ Series
Rick Riordan is not a fan of 'Percy Jackson' movies.

The author recently announced that he's working on a "Percy Jackson" TV series for Disney+ - and this time it will be a faithful adaptation of the books.

"We are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original 'Percy Jackson' five-book series, starting with 'The Lightning Thief' in Season 1," Riordan wrote.

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