Kobe Bryant Fans Fuming Over Leaked Horrific Details and Sketch of Autopsy Report

The leaked autopsy report, which details the late basketball legend's and his daughter Gianna's gruesome injuries after the helicopter crash, first surfaced on Reddit.

AceShowbiz - Kobe Bryant's autopsy report leaked online four months after his tragic death, much to his fans' dismay. The autopsy sketch and full report, which was first released by a user on Reddit community 'Morbid Reality', details the former NBA star's and his late daughter Gianna's horrific conditions after the fatal helicopter accident.

According to the report, the late basketball legend was completely missing his lower torso, had one arm missing and was even missing a part of his skull. His 13-year-old daughter, meanwhile, reportedly lost both her legs and her spine went through her brain.

After the autopsy report surfaced online, people were disappointed at how the report will likely tarnish fans' memory of Kobe. "Reading the report was very cringe and it makes me glad there aren't pictures from the crash. Cause it would not be a pretty picture to look at. It broke my heart reading it," one person tweeted, before assuring, "No I did not seek it out. It was in the group I mentioned."

Someone called it "disturbing," while a third person wrote, "I am very sorry for posting this but this was already spreading around. People need to understand that death does not discriminate, rich or poor. Its ugly and raw. Your legacy is all thats left when you die. My sympathies to the family and friends of Kobe."

Another user tweeted, "i hope kobe's children don't see his autopsy it's so disturbing." Someone else called out the person who leaked the report, "Whoever leaked Kobe Bryant autopsy is a sick bastard. Why would you do that at a time like this."

"Whoever leaked kobe bryant's autopsy report .. y'all are f**king sick bro," another person similarly responded to the news. "I'm praying for Vanessa bc y'all just won't let this woman be! Damn." Someone else shared that she decided to mute the words "Kobe autopsy" on her social media application because she won't ruin her memory of the athlete.

Kobe's family has not responded to the leaked autopsy report. Previously, his wife Vanessa Bryant filed formal legal complaint over leaked pictures from the helicopter crash site. Eight Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies took pictures of the scene and several others shared them with individuals who were not part of the agency.

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