Lindsay Lohan Has New Boyfriend and Her Mom Approves of Him

According to Dina Lohan, her famous daughter LiLo is currently in a relationship with 'a wonderful guy' and the 'Mean Girls' star will introduce him when she's ready.

AceShowbiz - Lindsay Lohan's mum Dina has opened up on her daughter's new relationship, but insisted she's in "no rush" for the "Mean Girls" actress to settle down.

Speaking to Us Weekly while promoting her new podcast, "Listen to Me, The OG Mama D With Dina Lohan and Chanel Omari", the 57-year-old insisted Lindsay will settle down when the time is right.

However, she did explain that "The Parent Trap" actress, 33, has a person in her life currently that she approves of.

"Lindsay is dating a wonderful guy right now," she said. "But that's neither here nor there. When she's ready to talk about her personal life, (she will)."

The mum-of-four went on to admit she had to learn to "respect" her kids' privacy as they've grown up, but insisted that standing by her children doesn't mean she lets them off the hook when things go wrong.

"In the past, I always had to protect (Lindsay) and (people) were like, 'She's an enabler,' " she recalled. "I'm like, 'No, people. Behind closed doors, I reprimand.' I just felt it had to come from my daughter's words and her heart and soul about her journey, which she has since that time."

She added, "So that's where I stay in my lane as a mom and I'm there to comfort and discipline and share my thoughts, but they're older now."

Dina went on to reveal her kids have been keeping her in the loop during lockdown, sharing, "Being a single mum, we're very close, so they come to me. I talk to my children numerous times a day, FaceTime and whatnot."

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