In the home edition of 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', the TV host and his producer wife Nancy Juvonen open up about their love story more than 10 years after getting married.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Fallon's wife is taking a trip down memory lane. Making an appearance on the "Ask the Fallons" segment of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition", Nancy Juvonen opened up about her love story with her TV host husband, spilling on the moment when he first melted her heart

On the Tuesday, March 31 episode, the 52-year-old producer kicked off her story by recounting the time she accompanied close friend Drew Barrymore to the set of "Saturday Night Live". She shared, "I kind of crept in quietly, and all of a sudden Jimmy goes, 'Hey, Nancy! You're Nancy? Hi, it's so nice to meet you, welcome!' "

Pointing out that she "had no real reason to be there," the "How to Be Single" producer admitted how the comedian's gesture impressed her. "And I felt just so embraced and cool, like, 'Thank you! Thank you for welcoming me in. This is so nice, it's so intimidating [here],' " she stated.

The two later met again during the filming of Jimmy and Drew's 2005 romantic movie "Fever Pitch". Nancy recalled, "So I had that thought from years before, going in. But then on the set [of 'Fever Pitch'], we were on location and that really creates this camp feel for everybody. And he was just so friendly and fun and welcoming and he loved music."

However, the mother of two claimed that she "really developed a crush" for her future husband "when (co-producer) Bradley Thomas' kids came to set." She spilled, "He has a little girl named Lucy and a little boy named Charlie. I played with Lucy and Jimmy played with Charlie, really played - really into it - as if they'd come to visit us. So, I think that's when my heart just sort of melted even more."

"I remember those kids, they were so cute," Jimmy chimed in. In response, Nancy added, "They're like teenagers now, or in college, probably."

On his part, Jimmy told the story of how he "first experienced the magic that is Nancy Juvonen." Recalling the time when she came to the set wearing white pants, a pink sweater and a green backpack as well as her blonde hair and white teeth, he gushed, "You just stood out in this gray [background], almost like a painting. You stood out like a neon … and I was like, 'Wow.' Yeah, you just stuck out. And you were just so fun - we had so much fun on that [set], didn't we?"

Nancy then explained that they "got to flirt and hang out and get to know each other without having to go on a date or anything like that" for "months." She added that they only got to "be pals and have crushes, which is so hard and so fun. It shouldn't just be limited to high school."

The twosome met once more in London where he told her, "Hey, I miss you. I want to hang out with you." They then began dating and got married in December 2007. They have since shared two daughters together, 6-year-old Winnie Rose and 5-year-old Frances Cole.

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