2 Chainz Rants Against Dubai Airport Officials After Being Searched for Smelling Like Marijuana

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Hazel-E claims she's 'been there done that,' while Snoop Dogg claims the way they treat 2 Chainz is the reason why he doesn't 'go to countries like that.'

AceShowbiz - 2 Chainz's time in Dubai didn't get off to a good start. The rapper flew to the United Arab Emirates city and as soon as he landed at the airport on Thursday, January 23 he almost got into a trouble with authorities for smelling like marijuana.

The hip-hop star, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, said he had to go through maximum search just because one of the guards smelled something like marijuana from his pocket. Lamenting the treatment he received, he said in a video as he still walked through the airport after being allowed to pass by the security, "They gave us the maximum bussdown. That s**t got on my f***ing nerves, man. We know y'all don't like weed."

His rant continued when he's in the car while apparently waiting for the rest of his entourage who were still going through the same checking. "I smoke," he angrily said to the camera. "I'm a grown man. I smoke."

Sharing the sentiment, Snoop Dogg told his fellow rapper, "That's why I don't go to countries like that @2chainz." He went on sharing some advice while wishing him good luck, "all money ain't good money be safe cuz. I'm smokin one for u."

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Hazel-E claimed she's "been there done that could write an etiquette book!" But many Instagram users were not convinced and instead mocked her for comparing her experience in the Middle Eastern country to 2 Chainz's.

"oh that's right you was living over there getting gang banged and pissed on for bags," one reacted to Hazel's claim. Another sarcastically responded, "we get it . You been to Dubai." Another commented, "ok and? People go there everyday."

2 Chainz is in Dubai for a gig at Oni lounge & restaurant. He's tapped to perform on Thursday night, January 23.

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