Read Rob Kardashian's Response to Fan Comparing His Christmas Decoration to 'The Shining'
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The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' alum takes to his social media accounts to share the holiday decoration, prompting people to question the big red thing that he places in front of the Christmas tree.

AceShowbiz - Rob Kardashian is getting ready for Christmas, taking on his social media accounts to share a photo of the holiday decoration that he put up in Kris Jenner's house ahead of the big day. It totally looked stunning, but one follower couldn't help but compare it to classic horror movie "The Shining".

For the Christmas decoration, Rob and Kris put a big Christmas tree in the middle of the stairs, complete with its ornament. Meanwhile, the handrails of the stairs were decorated with fairy lights for magical effect. However, it was the big red thing in front of the Christmas tree that caught people's attention, as they didn't have the slightest idea what it actually was.

As some people began questioning the big red thing, one person compared it to "The Shining" as writing, "Looks like that blood from the elevator in 'The Shining' came to life and posed for your Christmas card." Rob apparently read the comment and found it so funny that he felt the need to give the user a response. He said, "I'm dead. That was my vibe lowkey."

Unlike his siblings, Rob has mostly stayed away from the spotlight in the last few years amid personal and legal troubles. However, he has since been spotted out and about with his friends and family these days, looking much healthier than he's been in years. It's even been reported that there are possibilities that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum is going to shoot the family's annual Christmas card.

A source previously said to that Kris is "hopeful in due time it'll happen," before continuing, "Kris is so proud of Rob and really happy he's being more social again. She would love to have him be a part of the family holiday card and even filming again this year."

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