Summer Walker Shows Up Late to Toronto Show, Makes Fans Wait in the Cold for Hours

Instead of kicking off the show as scheduled, the 'I'll Kill You' singer is having fun documenting herself on her Instagram account strolling around the city.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker recently broke her fans' hearts when she canceled the remaining dates of her tour due to her social anxiety, but she announced that she would still hold her Toronto show. Fans were naturally excited about this and attended the concert, only to be made disappointed when the R&B singer decided to show up hours late to the show.

The show was supposed to kick off at 8 P.M. EST on Monday night, November 25, but according to a concertgoer, the doors weren't even opened thirty minutes after the show was scheduled to start. Fans ended up having to wait in the cold for three hours while Summer had been posting on her Instagram account footage of her strolling through the city before finally showing up to her gig. She even posted some polariod photos she took with Drake.

"Memories," so the "I'll Kill You" singer wrote on her account.

This, obviously, left people very upset. "Summer Walker is corny. Mental health and social anxiety is one thing but having your fans wait in the cold while you stroll around Toronto & posting it is wild unprofessional," someone said. "Summer Walker is really on a field trip while her fans in Toronto are getting hypothermia. You hate to see it," another wrote.

"Summer Walker fans in Toronto literally stood outside in the cold for 3 hours for this bih to play like a 45 minute set then bring London on the stage as if we give f**k," a Twitter user ranted, as someone else demanded a refund after what happened, "Someone please tell Summer Walker's team that I would like a refund for this disrespect and unprofessionalism, she done played Toronto."

Meanwhile, one person blasted her, "Summer Walker on some wack s**t you don't do this type of a s**t to the people who support you... why didn't you cancel the Toronto stop like you did to the rest of ur tour got people waiting in the cold." Another similarly said, "At a base level Summer Walker not showing up to her Toronto show is straight up disrespectful no matter what way you spin it."

Summer has yet to respond to the backlash.

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