Summer Walker's New Boyfriend Dubbed 'Evil' and Accused of Stalking by Multiple Women

Several women alert the 'Girls Need Love' hitmaker of potential red flags about her new man Coop Cashington, shortly after she debuted him on social media on her 28th birthday.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has flaunted her new romance with a mystery man, only to learn some alleged disappointing things about him. Multiple women have alerted the singer of potential red flags about her new man, shortly after she debuted him on Instagram.

As she turned 28 years old on Thursday, April 11, Summer took to her social media page to share some photos from her vacation in Europe. On her Instagram Stories, she posted some pictures of her getting cozy with her beau named Coop Cashington, who appears to be on the trip with her.

Summer Walker's IG Stories

Summer Walker debuted her new boyfriend Coop Cashington on her 28th birthday.

While little is known about Summer's new bae, many women have expressed their shocks at the singer's new relationship. One person in particular wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "Omg this the n***a who exposed me in 2015!!! Most of the s**t that's out there of me w/o my consent. I sent it to him and he posted it when I said I didn't wana talk to him anymore. Omg this n***a is crazy & evil! Miss B Nasty had an issue with his a*s too smh."

Other women later responded to the tweet with corroborating stories. A second woman claimed Summer's boyfriend had an OnlyFans account when they met and that he asked her to make a joint account with her. When she turned down his request, he allegedly said to her that "he was gonna continue f**king women on there but it's only 'business' and that he loved me."

After the woman cut him off, she learned he created a joint OnlyFans account with another girl, but it was "short lived because a week [later] he reached back out to me confessing his love for me and that he deleted the OF account."

Miss Nasty B, who was mentioned in the first woman's tweet, has also spoken up, accusing him of stalking and controlling behavior. "He was telling me he loved me and when I declined said he would pull up to my city and make me love him," she wrote. "He tells new models that we dated and I've never met him. He's locked models out of accts. He runs accts like he's the model. FOR A DECADE NOW!"

The first woman then responded, "A DECADEEE!!! He pulled the same s**t with me. He was acting like we was in a relationship and I never met him in person. He got real crazy, real fast, He has serious issues. This happened to me 9 years ago. Thank you so much for sharing as well."

A fourth woman chimed in, "Summer walkers new boo stalked me for like 6 years straight... ain't no F**KING WAY that's who she with. He used to call himself wang world or some s**t like that. WHAT THE F**K."

Some old tweets from 2021 also detailed his alleged actions towards other women. Meanwhile, a model claimed that Summer's new man was her side dude while she dated Lil Meech.

Summer has not responded to the women's claims about her new boyfriend.

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