Selena Gomez Puts Out 'Heartbreaking' Chat With Migrant Teens

Just days after writing an immigration essay for Time magazine, the 'Hands to Myself' singer urges her followers to check out her candid conversation with the stars of 'Living Undocumented'.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez was left shaken up over a candid chat she had with migrant teens for new documentary "Living Undocumented".

The "Hands to Myself" singer and actress sat down with the trio, who star in the new Netflix docuseries, for a heart to heart about their experiences living under the radar, illegally, in America, and she is still struggling from the weight of the discussion.

"I had the honor of sitting down with some of the young adults from 'Living Undocumented', where we had a genuine conversation about the immigration issue and their lives," she wrote on Twitter on Friday, October 4, in a post attached to a video featuring the teens. "It was honest and heartbreaking. I would love for you guys to check it out".

Selena Gomez announced documentary on Twitter

Selena Gomez urged fans to watch the new documentary.

Selena shared the conversation just days after writing a moving immigration essay for Time magazine, in which she accused U.S. politicians of "dismantling lives" by separating migrant families and putting people in detention centres.

"It is a human issue, affecting real people...," she wrote, citing her own family history of immigration to America from Mexico. "How we deal with it speaks to our humanity, our empathy, our compassion. How we treat our fellow human beings defines who we are".

"Living Undocumented" debuted online earlier this week, October 2.

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