Aaron Carter Held Back From Covering Face With Ink by Tattoo Artist

Recalling the inking session he had with the 'I Want Candy' hitmaker, Herchell Carrasco insists that he had given the 31-year-old the standard mental assessment beforehand.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter's tattoo artist had to stop him from adding to his massive new face tattoo during a mammoth inking session on Friday, September 27.

The 31-year-old singer took to Instagram on Saturday morning to show off his latest inking, a depiction of mythological Greek monster Medusa, and declared in the caption: "IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED."

While fans were taken aback by the etching and questioned whether the star, who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, manic depression, and acute anxiety, should have been given the inking, artist Herchell Carrasco told TMZ he gave Aaron the standard assessment beforehand.

"Before I tattoo anyone, I take into consideration their mental state," he shared. "In Aaron's case, I assessed the situation and I genuinely felt he was in a good place mentally to get tattooed."

However, he added the session didn't go entirely according to plan, insisting he thought he was going to be adding more art to Aaron's torso - and there was no talk of a face tattoo.

While he agreed to give the "I Want Candy" star the tattoo he asked for, Aaron apparently wanted to continue and have the word "Love" inked under his eye, telling Herchell that's his brand right now.

"I had to stop him," the tattooist recalled. "I couldn't cover his whole face in a tattoo. I just couldn't."

In addition to his mental health struggles, the embattled star is also in the midst of a public family feud, after his Backstreet Boys star brother Nick Carter and twin sister Angel filed for protection orders against him, claiming Aaron threatened Nick and his pregnant wife and he told his sister he harboured "thoughts of killing babies" during a FaceTime chat.

Aaron later accused his siblings of trying to "control" him with the allegations.

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