'90 Day Fiance' Star Sumit Confirms He's Already Married

In the latest episode of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way', the 30-year-old guy from India reveals to the show's producers that he's already married before starting a relationship with Jenny.

AceShowbiz - The rumor is true. After speculation about what Sumit's big secret was, he confirmed in the latest episode of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" what reports had said about his marital status. The reality TV star, who is in a relationship with 60-year-old Jenny, is already married.

In the Monday, September 9 outing, Jenny and Sumit's relationship was once again tested as the 30-year-old guy from India refused to stand up to his parents about his relationship. Jenny was disappointed that Sumit couldn't choose between her or his family and they canceled their plans to have a ring ceremony, which would mean they're engaged.

Sumit admitted he felt bad because he made Jenny feel like he wasn't a trustworthy person. Meanwhile, Jenny was worried about her visa expiring. But that might not be the worst yet for her as Sumit later revealed to the show's producers that he's actually a married man and still legally married while he's in a relationship with Jenny.

A preview for next week's episode teases Jenny's reaction to the big reveal.

Previously, various sources had claimed that Sumit hid his marital status. "90 Day Fiance" YouTuber Keith Brooks was the first person who found out about Sumit's marriage, before another Instagram blogger, @fraudedbytlc, confirmed it.

"Sumit is already married. He was arranged married while he and Jenny were on a break," the second blogger claimed. "Jenny knows and has known since before filming began. He did the show to stand up to his parents. He cannot come to the US on a fiance or spousal visa because he is legally married to this other woman and needs a divorce."

For the record, Sumit didn't start his relationship with Jenny in the honest way either. He catfished her, claiming to be an English male model named Michael Jones when they started talking on Facebook. After they developed mutual feelings, he eventually came clean about his real identity, and Jenny forgave him.

Jenny, who is from Palm Springs, then moved to India to be with him, using her life savings of $6,000, and left behind her three daughters and four grandchildren. Their relationship has since faced numerous woes as his parents didn't approve of her and Jenny struggled to adjust to the culture in India.

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