'AGT' Quarterfinals: Simon Cowell Criticizes 13-Year-Old Singer for 'Terrible' Song Choice

Not all of the performances in the episode receive negative reviews as Dwyane Wade's Golden Buzzer V. Unbeatable proves that they're worth their name with their incredible performance.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" season 14 aired the second night of Live Shows on Tuesday, August 20. The episode saw the hopefuls hitting the stage to impress judges Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel and Gabrielle Union. While some acts successfully stunned everyone, some others were struggling.

Among those who received harsh criticism that night was 13-year-old singer Charlotte Summers, who belted out "Diamonds Are Forever" by Shirley Bassey. While Gabrielle praised Charlotte for her "amazing, unique talent," Julianne told her that she didn't see her personality in the song though she compared her voice to Jessie J.

Simon was also not a fan of her song choice. "Well look, as Julianne said, you have one of the best personalities of all the contestants we have this year. You really, really do. Your body language right now is telling us everything I know you are feeling and I am feeling right now, is that that was a terrible, terrible, terrible song choice for you. It really was," he said.

"And you know, Charlotte, by the way, I hate saying this to you, I'm aware of how young you are. I'm really praying that the audience dismisses the song choice now -- that wasn't your fault -- remembers what a great person you are, what a great singer you are, and how much better we could advise you if you make it through to the next round of the competition," he went on saying, while Charlotte was crying on the stage. "Because America, this audience, is very forgiving. We're not gonna judge you on the song. In fact, I'm gonna pretend that song never even existed and I'm only gonna remember you from what I saw before. It's not your fault."

The judges were also disappointed in danger act duo Nick and Lindsay's performance. Nick sang Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" while Lindsay tried to throw knives, which were on fire, while blindfolded. Both Howie and Simon hit their red buzzers with Simon dubbing it the "worst live performance I've ever seen."

Julianne loved Chris Klafford's performance of his heartfelt original song, but Simon said he didn't "feel the emotional connection" with the song and Howie agreed. Marina Mazepa also struggled that night. Simon hit his red buzzer and called her performance "boring."

Not all of the performances that night received negative reviews. Dwyane Wade's Golden Buzzer V. Unbeatable proved that they're worth their name with their incredible performance. "The creativity is incredible," gushed Simon, while Howie said that it was "by far the best performance I have ever witnessed."

Also receiving positive feedbacks were 11-year-old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Ndlovu Youth Choir, who rounded out the night with their gorgeous performance. Gabrielle thought that they "set that stage on fire" and Howie added that there was "no better way to end this evening."

"America's Got Talent" season 14 airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 8 P.M. on NBC.

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