Listen: Taylor Swift Blasts Trolls on New Song 'You Need to Calm Down'

Besides taking shots at online trolls, the country-turned-pop superstar shows her support for the LGBTQ community throughout the new track, which she writes with Joel Little.

AceShowbiz - Rather than directly responding to trolls on social media, Taylor Swift opts to blast them all through her new song, "You Need to Calm Down". The newly-released track will be included on the country-turned-pop superstar's forthcoming album "Lover".

Written by herself with the help of Joel Little, the song finds Taylor taking shots at various detractors who constantly post hurtful comments on the Internet. While the songstress suspects that it may be their way to express themselves, she has "learned a lesson that stressin' and obsessin' bout somebody else is no fun." She continues singing on the chorus, "You need to calm down, you're being too loud/ You need to just stop, like can you just not step on my gown?"

Taylor additionally shows her support for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the track, alluding to the Pride Parades that have occurred throughout several countries in support of Pride month. "Sunshine on the street at the parade/ But you would rather be in the dark ages/ Makin' that sign must've taken all night," the blonde beauty rhymes.

The music video for the song will be unveiled on June 17 on "Good Morning America".

Both "You Need to Calm Down" and her Brendon Urie collaboration "ME!" will be included on her next album "Lover", which will be available on streaming services on August 23. During an Instagram Live, she said that the album would be "very romantic and not just simply thematically, like it's all love song or something."

She added, "I think the idea of something being romantic, it doesn't have to be a happy song. I think you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life. I think it just kind of looks at those things with a very romantic gaze."

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