Reba McEntire Admits Cover of Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' Was Artistic Misstep
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Though she did perform her version of the 2010 hit song for an episode of 'Unplugged', the 'Little Rock' hitmaker claims she 'didn't feel real good' when her label pushed her to record it as a single.

AceShowbiz - Reba McEntire regrets allowing record label bosses to convince her to cover a Beyonce Knowles song in 2010, because she really wasn't keen on the idea.

The 64-year-old country superstar performed her version of "If I Were a Boy" for an episode of U.S. music show "Unplugged" nine years ago, but she had her doubts about releasing it as a single, and wishes she had taken a stand and followed her gut instincts.

"There was a time that I covered Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy'," she told Billboard, as she recalled the last time she had made a misstep artistically. "We had done that for ('Unplugged' on Country Music Television), and the record label really wanted me to record it and put it out as a single."

She continued, "I didn't feel real good about it. It wasn't that successful. The people in the music industry, they're professionals, and sometimes you have to go with the team. It just didn't work out."

"The fans know when it goes a little left or right or not the way I would want it. We try new things, we experiment, and we keep going back to what is true."

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