Internet Thinks LeBron James' Son Bronny Is 'Going Crazy' Due to This Bizarre Video

Some others, meanwhile, jokingly say that the 14-year-old will be grounded by his athlete father once he watches the video, with one saying, 'LeBron gonna give him an a** whooping lmao.'

AceShowbiz - LeBron James might be regretting his decision to let his eldest son LeBron James Jr. a.k.a. Bronny create an Instagram account. Just one day after the 14-year-old teenager made public his account on the photo-sharing platform, he already made a lot of people baffled by dropping a profanity-laced video.

The video saw Bronny ranting about girls and weed while faking an apparent African accent. "Listen up, little f***er. It's time to make a PSA. Just because she has a pretty face, does not mean she has a pretty heart," he said, before raising his voice. "These b****es don't give a f**k about a n***a." Things got weirder when he started punching the screen and yelling, "You b***h a** b***h."

Bronny continued swearing until he concluded his video by saying, "All you wanna do is smoke your motherf***in weed away."

"2 days on Instagram and Bronny is already going crazy," one user said as some others joked that the teenage boy would be grounded once LeBron watched the clip. "Lebron gonna give him an a** whooping lmao. Hes grounded for this," another said. There were also people who thought that it was normal considering that most 14-year-old teenagers usually try "REALLY hard to be cool and edgy...," while others said that he was just imitating an Instagram skit.

LeBron announced his son's Instagram account on Monday, May 27, sharing a photo of Bronny during a basketball game. "Everyone welcome the heir to the throne to IG @real_bronny! Told him 3 years ago the summer of 2019 I'd let you him get one. Damn time flies! Hahaha! Anyways let's get Bronny!" the veteran athlete wrote in the caption, warning anyone not to leave hatred messages to his son. "Keep y'all hating a**es off his comments or we pulling up!!!!"

Bronny has already garnered more than one million followers as of now.

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