Patrick Schwarzenegger Credits Father for Inspiring Him to Stop Smoking Weed

Through a lengthy Instagram post, the 'Midnight Sun' actor reflects on how a past Easter conversation he had with his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, led him to be sober and high on life for years.

AceShowbiz - Arnold Schwarzenegger convinced his son to give up his love of weed.

Model and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger reveals he loved puffing away until his dad suggested he spend more time getting high on life instead.

Noting the fourth anniversary of the Easter chat he had with his famous father, a former California Governor, Patrick has taken to Instagram to reveal it was the Terminator who persuaded him to stay sober and give up pot.

"years ago (4 exactly) showed up lil high to Easter brunch... classic," he recalls. "My old man asked why... said, 'I dunno makes thing more fun'."

"He replied how much more fun do you need to have, life is so good. I'm high on life. I never want anything that would take me out of my current life. Being high on life is better then anything else'."

"Long story short... Haven't smoked since then... just HIGH ON LIFE NOW!" Patrick explains. "Happy & healthy & can't thank god enough to see another day (sic)!"

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