Set Photos See Almost Naked Jude Law Getting Handsy With 'New Pope' Co-Star
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The actor and Ludivine Sagnier are photoghraphed filming some intimate scenes in which he seems to kiss her hand and put his hand around his co-star's chest.

AceShowbiz - The internet is blessed after a slew of set photos of Jude Law's upcoming TV series "The New Pope" make their way out online. The photos saw the actor filming scenes in his underwear on a beach in Venice, Italy for the follow-up series to "The Young Pope".

The "Captain Marvel" actor was seen showing off his toned body in a white speedo as he trolled on the shore. Some pictures also featured him taking a dip in the chilly waters during the filming on Tuesday afternoon, April 9.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Young Pope television franchise is a gift to me specifically and I am eternally grateful to the Holy Zaddy," one Twitter user rejoiced. "I'll be his Heavenly Host," wrote another fan.

Another user, meanwhile, demanded the actor to "spike me," while sharing a picture of almost naked Jude walking through some women playing volleyball.

The 46-year-old was not alone though, as he was joined by co-star Ludivine Sagnier who donned a skimpy colorful bikini and high heels in addition to a huge cross necklace. The two were pictured holding hands while walking on the beach shore.

Jude Law

Jude Law and Ludivine Sagnier are walking hand-in-hand during filming.

Another picture, meanwhile, showed them sharing a laugh in between takes. Jude could be seen covering his body with a white robe while resting his hand on Ludivine's shoulder as he flashed a smile to her. Although the actress' facial expression wasn't captured by the camera, she appeared to return the gesture as she was seen about to place her arm on the actor's waist.

Jude Law

The two were seen exchanging friendly gestures in between takes.

Jude and Ludivine were later seen doing some intimate scenes in which he seemed to kiss her hand. Jude was also pictured putting his hand around Ludivine's chest, seemingly holding her big cross necklace.

Jude Law

At one point, they were snappd filming an intimate scene.

"The New Pope" is set to premiere sometime this year on HBO.

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