'The Voice' Final Battle Night Recap: Find Out Each Team's Final Eight Members

After the judges complete their own teams, the singers who move to the next round will later go to the Live Cross Battles, a new round of the competition.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" season 16 returned with a new episode on Tuesday, April 9. The new episode featured the final of the Battle Rounds, and with that, the four judges had completed their teams of eight at the end of the episode. The singers who move to the next round will later go to the Live Cross Battles, a new round of the competition.

Kicking off the battle that night were Andrew Jannakos and Patrick McAloon from Team Adam Levine. The two joined forces to sing Tom Petty's "Free Fallin' ". Despite initial struggle with falsetto, Andrew managed to prove his worth to the judges during the performance. That was enough to make Adam choose him as the winner.

With that, Andrew joined Domenic Haynes, Celia Babini, LB Crew, Mari, Kalvin Jarvis, Rod Stokes and Kendra Checketts from Team Adam who moved to the next round.

The next performers were Team Blake Shelton's Selkii and Cecily Hennigan, who hit the stage to perform "Head Above Water" by Avril Lavigne. Both offered a stunning perfomance but Blake had to choose one of them to stay in the competition. In the end, he picked Selkii. Also going for a face-off that night were Carter Lloyd Horne and Lili Joye from Team Blake, with Carter winning.

Alena D'Amico and Karen Galera later went head-to-head as the final battle for Kelly Clarkson's team. After much consideration, Kelly chose Karen as the winner of the battle. In additon to Kelly, her team consists of The Bundys, Jej Vinson, Presley Tennant, Abby Kasch, Rebecca Howell, Matthew Johnson and Betsy Ade.

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu from Team John Legend later took the stage to perform a rendition of Khalid's "Location". The two singers nailed the performance, but there was only one singer who would move forward and it was Kayslin. But fortunately, Blake used his steal to get Oliv on his team.

Team John had completed, consisting of Kayslin, Shawn Sounds, Maelyn Jarmon, Julian King, Lisa Ramey, Jacob Maxwell, Jimmy Mowery and Beth Griffith-Manley. With the addition of Oliv, Blake had also completed his team of Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts, Kim Cherry, Andrew Sevener and Karly Moreno.

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