'The Voice': Take a Look Back at Season 24's Top 5 Performances Ahead of Knockouts
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Ahead of the Knockout rounds of season 25, let's recall the mesmerizing Finale performances from season 24's Top 5, Huntley, Jacquie Roar, Lila Forde, Mara Justine and Ruby Leigh.

AceShowbiz - Season 25 of "The Voice" isn't returning with new performances until next week. To build up the anticipation ahead of the Knockout rounds, let's take a look back at the stunning performances from season 24's Top 5, Huntley, Jacquie Roar, Lila Forde, Mara Justine and Ruby Leigh, at the Finale.

Team Reba McEntire's artist Jacquie kicked off the big night. For the Finale, Jacquie opted to show off her skills by singing "More Than a Feeling". Gwen Stefani said that Jacquie showed improvement, while Reba noted that her performance made her happy that night.

Following it up was Lila from Team John Legend. She hit the stage to sing "The Weight", showcasing her great groove. Gwen complimented her confidence, adding that she's a fan. John, meanwhile, loved Lila's individuality and musicality.

Mara from Team Niall Horan, meanwhile, chose to belt out "Turning Tables". Following Mara's performance, John called it striking and beautiful. Niall couldn't help but be proud of Mara, noting that America should forget this moment.

Huntley, another artist from Team Niall, followed it up with a performance of "Another Love". Gwen shared that Huntley's performance made her see how gifted he is and understand why he's chasing this dream. Niall loved the emotional performance and congratulated Huntley for nailing the performance.

Later, it was Ruby (Team Reba) who took the stage to sing "Suspicious Minds". John was totally mesmerized, calling her remarkable. He also loved how Ruby's voice has heft and power despite her young age. As for Reba, she praised Ruby for being able to make the song her own.

For the second performance, Jacquie sang "Night in White Satin". Gwen said it was a great and better performance. Reba labeled Jacquie a force of nature and added that she's proud of her.

As for Lila, she chose "Across the Universe" for her second performance of the night. Niall said that he couldn't wait to buy Lila's record, while John said her performance was heavenly, cinematic and magical.

Singing "Piece of My Heart" was Mara. Reba stressed how talented Mara is following the performance. Niall was amazed, adding that it was out of this stratosphere.

Later, Ruby followed it up with another stunning performance of Desperado. Gwen said that she loved watching her family root for her. The coach also praised Ruby for channeling the intention of the song so well. Reba shared that she's proud of Ruby.

Huntley, on the other hand, chose to sing "Higher" for his second performance. Gwen dubbed it incredible. As for John, he said he's watching somebody who should be playing arenas and he's flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, Knockout rounds of "The Voice" season 25 are set to begin in the April 8 episode.

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