Is Jaden Smith's New Girlfriend a Transgender?

It's hardly the first time for the son of Will Smith to make fans question his sexuality.

AceShowbiz - Earlier this week, Jaden Smith was spotted kissing a mystery girl in Paris. Now, the internet is questioning his new girlfriend's gender as some of them claimed that she may be transgender.

According to MTO News, the rapper started trending on Twitter on Thursday morning, March 7. In addition to Jaden, hashtags such as #trans and #transgender were trending as soon as the pics of them locking lips in the city hit the web.

It remains to be seen if the speculations are true or not since Jaden has yet to comment on the matter.

It's hardly the first time for the son of Will Smith to make fans question his sexuality. Last year in November, Jaden made headlines after he declared to everyone at the Camp Flog Gnaw music festival in California that Tyler, The Creator was his boyfriend.

"I just wanna say Tyler, The Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f***ing much," he gushed on stage as captured in an Instagram video. "And I wanna tell you guys something - I wanna tell you. Tyler doesn't wanna say, but Tyler's my motherf***ing boyfriend! And he's been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole f***ing life."

The camera then panned to Tyler, who was standing just below the stage. Tyler shook his finger and head in denial while laughing. Jaden insisted though, "Tyler, The Creator is my f***ing boyfriend! It's true!"

Following the controversial revelation, Jaden took to his Twitter account to once again stress that he was telling the truth. "Yup @tylerthecreator I Told Everyone You Can't Deny It Now." Responding to this, Tyler wrote in reply, "hahaha you a crazy n***a man."

Jaden is known for embracing gender-fluid fashion. The 20-year-old actor/singer/songwriter once wore a dress in a layout for Vogue Korea in 2016 and later defended his fashion choice, tweeting at the time, "If I Wanna Wear A Dress, Then I Will, And That Will Set The New Wave...."

He additionally told GQ, "I don't see man clothes and woman clothes. I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms. I feel like people don't really get it. I'm not saying that I get it, I'm just saying that I've never seen any distinction. I just see scared people and comfortable people."

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