'RHOBH': LVP Accused of Orchestrating PuppyGate, Confronts Erika Girardi for Her Condolence Note

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump comes at the singer for her 'distant' condolence note following her brother Mark Vanderpump's suicide.

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returned with a new episode which put Lisa Vanderpump in the center. The Tuesday, February 26 episode of the Bravo reality TV show saw Lisa Rinna confronting her involvement in #PuppyGate, the storyline about Dorit Kemsley giving away her dog from Vanderpump Dogs to a shelter after it bit her family members.

When the news broke out, LVP appeared to be wanting to just bury it down, claiming that she knew Dorit had "no [malice] or bad intentions." Lisa Rinna, however, was skeptical that LVP was genuinely not upset with Dorit for what happened.

"Why aren't you upset about this?" Lisa Rinna asked LVP during a dinner with all the ladies in the Bahamas. The former then accused that LVP tried to make herself look good by orchestrating the entire storyline. "He's your employee. This wouldn't get out there if you didn't want it out there," she said.

"This is like bulls**t, going to Teddi [Mellencamp], bringing Kyle [Richards] in. This sounds like a f***ing set up. I think you set them up!" she continued saying. LVP, meanwhile, denied doing such a thing.

"I wonder if Vanderpump's slipping, cause it's so f***ing obvious," Lisa Rinna said in confessional interview. "People call her manipulative and a puppet master and all that stuff. And I’m a little worried about her. She's f***ing slipping!"

"It's so unfair that I somehow was villainized in this and they went behind by back," Dorit could be heard saying. "I'm your friend, Lisa. …You know full well how it'll make me look, and you're my friend."

Later, Dorit broke down in tears before Lisa went hugging her to comfort her. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. you don't deserve this," she said. Kyle added, "Dorit, don't get upset. Everyone knows you're a good person. You had no bad intentions, you hear me?"

Meanwhile, LVP came at Erika Jayne a.k.a. Erika Girardi for her "distant" condolence note following her brother Mark Vanderpump's suicide. Erika sent LVP a hand-written note on personalized stationary on behalf of her and her husband Tom Girardi.

"Dear Lisa. Tom and I were saddened to hear of your brother Mark’s passing," the note said, according to a photo of the card Erika later shared. "Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Sincerest condolences." 

However, LVP thought that was not enough, saying that she expect Erika to call her. "Erika, when you sent me a couple of lines in a condolence card, I wish that you'd called. It was a little distant and that's one thing that you've really tried to overcome," Lisa said.

"The other ladies in the group sent flowers and I want Erika to understand that I had hoped we were closer than that," Lisa explained to the camera. "Maybe she would have called and we could have spoken. … I haven't really heard from her, frankly." 

While LVP perceived the note as Erika being cold to her, Erika told her "that's a very personal note to me." She continued saying to the restaurateur, "I'm very sorry that you feel that way but that comes from my heart. That didn't work for you, I don't know what to say. … I'm sorry that you didn't think that was enough for you."

"When Lisa Vanderpump‘s brother passed away, I didn’t feel comfortable calling so I did what I thought was best from the heart -- I wrote a note," Erika explained herself in her interview. "I just wanted her to know, 'Hey, I'm thinking of you.' And I've never known of anyone to react this way. 'Your condolence note wasn’t good enough.' Are you f***ing kidding me?"

LVP then tried to move on from the topic, prompting Erika to say, "Well don't bring it up again and we can move on. But I will defend myself down to the f***ing bone. Don't make me out to be the bad guy. I would have loved to have connected with you privately but here we are."

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