Bar Refaeli's Father Served With Suspended Sentence for Death Threat in Road Rage Incident

The incident itself took place in 2016 when Rafi Refaeli yelled at Yoav Rozen after reportedly growing angry with the former deputy mayor of Israeli city Hod HaSharon for driving too slowly.

AceShowbiz - Model Bar Refaeli's father Rafi has been given a three-month suspended sentence after being found guilty of a 2016 road rage incident.

The Magistrates Court in Kfar Saba, Israel, convicted Refaeli of threatening to kill Yoav Rozen, the then-deputy mayor of Israeli city Hod HaSharon. According to reports from inside the court, the presiding judge was told Refaeli grew angry with Rozen because he was driving too slowly. After honking his horn at him and trying to pass him on the right, Refaeli then yelled at Rozen: "Your daughter is a w**re, I will kill you".

The judge rejected Refaeli's alibi, and noted that the GPS of the accused's cellphone places him at the scene of the crime, where eyewitness testimony stated that he was "driving in a wild manner".

Following the verdict, Refaeli said he was "surprised" and would appeal the suspended sentence.

The road rage incident isn't the only legal trouble Refaeli has faced in recent months. He, his wife and model Bar, who will be one of the presenters when Israel hosts the Eurovision song contest in May, are currently facing possible charges of tax offences, perjury and money laundering.

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