Cadet's Mother Urges Men to Express Their Feeling During Speech at Memorial Event

As fans gather in Hyde Park in central London to pay tribute to the late 'Advice' rapper who was killed in a car crash on February 9, his mother addresses the crowd, telling them his life was 'not in vain.'

AceShowbiz - Cadet's mother has paid tribute to the late rapper at a memorial event, insisting her son's life was "not in vain."

The 28-year-old British rapper, whose real name was Blaine Cameron Johnson, was a passenger in a taxi, and on his way to a gig in Staffordshire, England, on Saturday, February 09 when the crash happened, according to a statement by his management.

A memorial was hosted at Hyde Park in central London on Sunday, with Cadet's mother on hand to speak to the crowd.

"I'm so proud that his music has touched you in whatever way, enough for you to come out," she told them. "It gives me so much pleasure."

She also spoke of the importance of being honest about your feelings, explaining, "I need you men to express yourselves, express your feelings. If it's not to your mothers, to somebody."

"Don't keep pent up anger inside you. It's not good. You become anger and anger portrays others things. Release it, even if it's in tears or whatever. I want peace and harmony."

Cadet's cousin Krept, from English rap duo Krept & Konan, led the tributes online following his relative's death, saying he was "heartbroken," while DJ Target shared that Cadet was "a talent, and a lovely guy, always smiling, infectious energy."

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Look at what everyone is saying about you, I proper don’t even know what to type this feels mad weird. I was gonna write a long speech about how I met you and what you’ve done for me but where does man start. Everyone loves you look at what everyone has to say about your heart and character. This guy ALWAYS, as in literally every single time I see him greets me with a “I love you lil bro”, the last few times we’ve seen each other that’s all we say, we haven’t even caught up, man just sees you and you say you know I love you lil bro and I say bro from early I love you. This guy has saved my arse when I was dead broke and made it a duty to let me know you’ve got my back, like that’s all you say and remind me. IThis man exudes love. I can’t even explain how clean hearted you are, look what you mean to everyone. No one will ever forget you big bro, words can’t do anything justice right now but rest in peace to the absolute REALEST and I can say that with my hand on my heart. Love you bro 💔💔💔💔

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Meanwhile, Stormzy penned a tribute on Instagram, writing, "This man exudes love. I can't even explain how clean-hearted you are, look what you mean to everyone. No-one will ever forget you big bro, words can't do anything justice right now."

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