Jay-Z's Lawyers Fear for Judge's Interference in Meek Mill Documentary Lawsuit

The rapper's company Roc Nation and Amazon seek to move the lawsuit launched by attorney for Judge Genece Brinkley out Pennsylvania state court.

AceShowbiz - Jay-Z is requesting his lawsuit relating to a documentary about rapper Meek Mill be moved out Pennsylvania state court.

Attorney Charles Peruto, who represents Genece Brinkley, the judge in Mill's criminal case, sued bosses at the "99 Problems" hitmaker's company Roc Nation and Amazon after appearing in a documentary about the Philadelphia MC's issues with the criminal justice system.

Peruto claimed after he recorded his segment in the documentary, he was asked to speak "off record" and give his opinions about his client keeping the "Dreams and Nightmares" star behind bars for probation violations linked to a 2008 conviction.

Meek was incarcerated for five months before he was released in April, and he has been trying to overturn the convictions after it was revealed the original arresting officer was involved in a massive police corruption scandal.

In his candid comments, Peruto insisted Judge Brinkley looked "f**king awful" for locking Meek up, especially since the rapper accused her of bias and requested she step down from his case.

Peruto alleges he was unaware the cameras were still rolling when he made his comments, but Jay-Z insists he knew everything was on record.

"This lawsuit is an effort to prevent the disclosure of statements (Peruto) made criticizing his client, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley, over her handling of criminal proceedings involving Robert Rihmeek William (professionally known as Meek Mill), and to squelch further reporting about his critical comments regarding his client," the 49 year old states. "(Peruto) neither asked to go off the record nor instructed the interviewer to stop recording."

Lawyers for Roc Nation and Amazon want the case moved to federal court amid concerns about Brinkley's possible influence if it remains a state issue, according to The Blast.

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