First Look at Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary' Remake Brings Back the Dead
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The photos show the ancient burial ground, the Creed family and the undead cat Churchill among other things.

AceShowbiz - Here's the first look at the new take on Stephen King's 1983 horror novel "Pet Sematary". Making their way out via Entertainment Weekly, the photos give a look at the titular burial ground, where all the creepy things begin, and the cast in characters.

John Lithgow plays Jud Crandall, who was portrayed by Fred Gwynne in the 1989 film. Jud is a lighthouse keeper and one of the last living people who knows what happens to those buried in the sematary. "He is a good man, but he is a good man with troubles in his life," Lithgow tells EW. "And he's grown up with some real demons."

He first encounters the Creed family, who just moved from the big city to a small town of Ludlow, through Ellie Creed (Jete Laurence), the daughter of Louis (Jason Clarke) and Rachel Creed (Amy Seimetz). Ellie discovers the pet graveyard in the forest and gets stung by a bee, before Jud helps her.

Louis is a doctor. Dennis Widmyer, who co-directs the movie along with Kevin Kolsch, says the character's perception of death is changed when it happens to his own son. He describes Louis as "a guy who thinks he has death figured out. 'I see death every day, I work in an ER. Don't tell me about death, I understand death.' But he doesn't understand death when it's dropped onto his lap. He'll do whatever he can to undo it. It's sort of like the science world meets the supernatural world."

Louis is haunted by the death of Victor Pascow (Obssa Ahmed), a college kid who was struck by a car and died in Dr. Creed's care in the emergency room. "We have this very normal student, but the voice that's speaking through him is an ancient voice trying to warn him," Widmyer explains.

But before resurrecting his son, the Creed family first finds out what the graveyard does to the dead after they buried their pet cat Churchill there. One of the first-look photos shows the undead cat, which is clearly not the same as it was before.

When his son Gage (played by twins Hugo Lavoie and Lucas Lavoie) dies, it's Jud who convinces Louis to bring him back to life. Thinking that he could help the family alleviate the pain they're suffering, he only creates more anguish for all of them.

Jeff Buhler is writing the script for the horror movie, with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian and Steven Schneider serving as producers. It is set to open in theaters across the nation on April 5, 2019.

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