The visuals features Slim Shady and Joyner Lucas getting stalked by a bunch of mysterious people in a post-apocalyptic world.

AceShowbiz - After taking a jab at critics of his "Revival" album in "Fall" music video, Eminem is now slamming young rappers who like to copy him through his new visuals. The Detroit rapper premiered music video for "Lucky You" featuring Joyner Lucas on Thursday, September 13, one day late from its initial release date.

The video opens with Lucas exploring a post-apocalyptic world while delivering his lines. A bunch of people clad in hoodies can be seen stalking him, but he doesn't seem to mind it as he keeps walking. It turns out that the mysterious people are also following Em, who doesn't realize that he's been stalked until he meets Lucas.

The two are in the middle of dancing when Em suddenly stops and realizes that they are now surrounded by the said people. "Are they doing everything that we do?" Slim Shady asks, to which Lucas responds, "Bro, they been doing everything we been doin' since the whole s**t." Em still can't believe that the people are copying his moves, prompting Lucas to give him an example by streching out his arm. As expected, the people follow him.

The scene may be lighthearted, but it's clear enough that Em is trying to send a warning to young rappers not to deliberately copy his every move. He then proceeds to take aim at them by rapping, "I got a couple of mansions/ Still I don't have any manners/ You got a couple of ghost writers/ But to these kids it don't actually matter."

"Lucky You" is included on Em's latest album "Kamikaze", which was released on August 31 without any warning. Despite that, the album still managed to debut atop Billboard 200 after racking up 434,000 album units in its first week of release. It is expected to spend a second week atop the chart.

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